Misrepresenting the Lawsuit and Our Objections to ECNR

Throughout the entire course of the litigation the Defendants consistently misrepresented both the nature of the case and of our objections to the Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions (ECNR). Specifically:

  1. They misrepresented the case as a theological dispute which falls outside the proper jurisdiction of the court system.
  2. They repeatedly and falsely stated that we did not object to the content of “The Local Church” chapter.
  3. They distorted the history of our protests concerning the false and defamatory statements made in ECNR.

All three of these efforts constitute a false witness to our fellow believers.

  1. The lawsuit was never a theological dispute but was always focused on the injury done to our reputation through ECNR‘s attribution of criminal and immoral behaviors.
  2. Beginning from early 2001 we repeatedly objected to ECNR‘s misrepresentations of us and of our teachings in “The Local Church” chapter.
  3. The history of our protests and the lack of meaningful response from Harvest House, John Ankerberg, and John Weldon show a callous disregard for the damaging impact of their false representation of our churches and ministry.